In a thrilling collaboration between the Pakistan Squash Federation, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), and Serena Hotels, the Chief of the Air Staff-Serena Hotels International Squash Championship for Men & Women has taken center stage at the Mushaf Squash Complex in Islamabad. This prestigious event, spanning from November 30 to December 4, 2023, has brought together an elite group of 23 world-ranking Men and Women players from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Egypt, and Spain, creating an electrifying atmosphere of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Tournament Overview

The tournament kicked off in grand style on November 30, 2023, marking the commencement of a week-long spectacle that promises exceptional squash action. The first round showcased riveting matches, as players from diverse backgrounds and skill sets collided on the court in a quest for supremacy.

Day 1 Results – Men’s Event

The top 8 players, including Ibrahim Elkabbani (EGY), Ong Sai Hung (MAS), Mohamed Nasser (EGY), Noor Zaman (PAK), Seif El-Shenawy (EGY), Wee Ming Hock (MAS), Khaled Labib (EGY), and Muhammad Asim Khan (PAK), enjoyed a bye in the first round. Notable performances included Farhan Mehboob’s (PAK) victory against Pablo Quintana Estevez (ESP) and Ziad Ibrahim’s (EGY) compelling win over Arón Astray (ESP). The stage is set for an intense battle in the upcoming rounds.

Farhan Mehboob Farhan Zaman 2023 Nasir Iqbal 2023

Day 1 Results – Women’s Event:

The top 8 women players, receiving byes, include Chan Yiwen (MAS), Nadien Elhammamy (EGY), Anam Mustafa Aziz (PAK), Nour Ramy (EGY), Amina el rihany (EGY), Malak Samir (EGY), Wong Po Yui Kirstie (HKG), and Nour Khafagy (EGY). Exciting encounters unfolded, with Mehwish Ali (PAK), Rushna Mehboob (PAK), Sana Bahadar (PAK), Sadia Gul (PAK), Sarah Soudan (EGY), Komal Khan (PAK), Thanusaa Uthrian (MAS), and Saima Shoukat (PAK) emerging victorious after hard-fought battles.

Mahnoor Ali 2023 Mehwish Ali 2023

What’s Next:

As the first round concludes, anticipation builds for the 2nd round matches scheduled for December 1, 2023. Brace yourselves for another day of breathtaking rallies, strategic plays, and unforgettable moments as the tournament progresses towards crowning the champions of the Chief of the Air Staff-Serena Hotels International Squash Championship.

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