Pakistan Squash Team’s Return with a Silver Medal from Asian Games 2023

Pakistan Squash Team’s Return with a Silver Medal from Asian Games 2023

The Pakistan Squash Team has returned home to Islamabad International Airport, and their arrival was nothing short of a joyous spectacle. With a shining Silver Medal in tow, they were embraced with open arms by the Secretary of the Pakistan Squash Federation and a host of esteemed officials. The cheers of well-wishers echoed through the terminal, marking the celebration of an extraordinary accomplishment.

Starting with a Victory:

On the opening day of the Asian Games 2023, our squash stars set the tone with determination. They beat Singapore in the Men’s Singles event. Asim Khan exhibited his skills and resilience, winning against Liang AARON. Nasir Iqbal, another star in the making, secured a remarkable victory against Natthapa Theeraslip from Thailand.

Day 2 at Asian Games

The team’s spirits soared higher on the second day as they continued their winning streak. Noor ul Ain, an emerging talent in Women’s Singles, breezed past Purevjay Khulan of Mongolia.

Quarter Finals

As they progressed to the quarter-finals, the competition intensified. The team showcased their mettle against challenging opponents, facing nail-biting moments, and emerging victorious.

Semi Final

The semi-finals brought them closer to the ultimate goal. With Asim Khan’s incredible comeback against Liang AARON, Nasir Iqbal’s dominating performance against Natthapa Theeraslip, and Noor ul Ain’s unstoppable spirit, they earned their spot in the grand finale.

Final of Asian Games 2023

In an intense face-off, they played their hearts out against arch-rivals, India. Nasir Iqbal’s stellar 3-0 victory against Mahesh Mangaonkar was a highlight. Asim Khan fought valiantly but faced a tough challenge from Saurav Ghosal. In a heart-pounding game lasting around 64 minutes, Noor Zaman gave it his all but lost to Abhay Singh by 2-3.

Pakistan Vs India Final 2023 - Asian Games
Pakistan Vs India Final 2023 – Asian Games

Warm Welcome by PSF

As the team disembarked from their flight, they were greeted with smiles, applause, and enthusiastic cheers from a crowd of supporters, fellow athletes, and officials. It was a heartwarming moment as the Secretary of the Pakistan Squash Federation and other dignitaries warmly welcomed them home. The camaraderie and unity among the sports community were palpable, highlighting the spirit of sportsmanship that transcends borders.


The festivities didn’t stop at the airport. The celebration crescendoed into a delightful cake-cutting ceremony at the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF). Amidst the aroma of freshly baked cake, team members and officials shared stories, laughter, and moments of reflection on their epic journey. It was a sweet ending to an incredible chapter in their athletic careers, and the camaraderie displayed was a testament to the strong bonds forged through sports.

Squash Team Home Coming - Asian Games 2023
Squash Team Home Coming – Asian Games 2023

As the squash team proudly showcases their Silver Medal, the nation stands united in celebration. Their dedication, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to excellence have made Pakistan proud. The Silver Medal is not just a piece of metal; it’s a symbol of the countless hours of training, the sacrifices made, and the dreams achieved.


The return of our squash stars marks the beginning of a new chapter in their careers. Their accomplishments in the Asian Games 2023 are a testament to their potential and the promise of even greater achievements on the horizon. Pakistan’s squash community, alongside the entire nation, eagerly awaits their future endeavors and triumphs.

The return of the Pakistan Squash Team with a Silver Medal is a moment of immense pride and celebration. It reaffirms the power of dedication, sportsmanship, and unity in achieving greatness. Let us continue to support and applaud our squash stars as they inspire future generations and contribute to the rich sporting legacy of Pakistan. 🇵🇰🥈